Dutch Composers NOW

Dutch Composers NOW is developing into the promotion and propaganda agency for new music in the Netherlands. We promote new music, honour and celebrate composers and their projects and we open doors for new target groups.

We do this with a number of strategic programs. 1) The New Music NOW platform, where we activate and promote our Do-It-Together network of composers, musicians and music lovers. With our City Composers (2) and Composer-Curators (3) we infiltrate various cities, festivals, conferences and other networks, where we create new contexts and appeal to new audiences.

Dutch Composers NOW is an initiative of Nieuw Geneco (Dutch Composers Association) and works together with partners to promote new music.

New Music NOW

New Music NOW is the digital platform for new music. It presents many of the urgent & relevant composers, performers and projects in today’s Dutch new music scene. It also serves as a practical who-is-who-directory to NL ensembles, orchestras, stages, festivals, publishers, labels, media and online platforms, funds and their ongoing collaboration with NL-based composers.

New Music NOW

Dutch Choir Music NOW

Marcia (not her real name), herself choral conductor, decided to support composers in time of covid-crisis, by commissioning them to make short, well singable compositions for the many amateur choirs. In this way she has made possible 50 choral compositions, which she puts at the disposal of all amateur choirs free of charge. Her aim: to support the composers and choirs and to strengthen the bond between living composers and amateur choirs.

The Dutch Composers NOW Foundation took on the coordination and communication, together with Koornetwerk Nederland, Groot Omroepkoor, the publishers involved and Nieuw Geneco. Autobahn Studio signed for the design, GODDOG built the website.

On Dutch Choir Music NOW everyone can discover, listen to and download new choir music for free.

Composer-Curators NOW

The infiltration programme of Dutch Composers NOW focuses on a selective number of crossover festivals, where our composer-curators present a challenging programme with groundbreaking composers from the contemporary music scene.

October 21-25 2020 Dutch Composers NOW will be live and online at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

ADE SPECIAL - Magnets & Plants
October 21st, 5 pm & 8 pm
Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam (<30 seats) +livestream
Tickets are available here.


Border crossing electro-acoustic live performance.; The NL-based composer-performers Jasna Veličković, Dianne Verdonk, Vinkepeezer, and Mellema/Jurjus take you on a live trip, exploring saxophone, percussion and self build instruments using electronics, magnets, and plants. Curated by composer-performer Ivo Bol.

ADE ONLINE Close To Your Head
October 21-25

Underground pop-idol Lisa presents “Close To Your Head”, a collection of visual works from composers who combine the real and the electronic in brittle, human forms. All working in groundbreaking ways, combining classical composing with contemporary techniques. Feel the friction of skin on skin, intricacy and detail, and the boldness of 5 faces, 5 voices, and 5 spaces. With Celia Swart, Genevieve Murphy, Lisa, Petra Strahovnik en Bec Plexus.

City Composers

Dutch Composers NOW encourages the appointment of City Composers in various cultural cities in the Netherlands. We work closely with the Province of Noord-Brabant and the cultural intendant (‘arrangeur’) Geert van Boxtel. The City of Tilburg was the first to launch City Composer. Now Brabant is proud to announce four city composers: Anthony Fiumara (Tilburg), Angela de Weijer - aka Miss Milivolt - (Meierijstad)), Bart de Vrees (Den Bosch) and Piet-Jan van Rossum (Heukelom).

Read our article on New Music NOW, and watch the introductory film about the urban and rural composers Brabant.

Like the National Composers Laureate (Componist des Vaderlands), the City Composer is a visible driving force in contemporary music life, connecting at all levels: regional, national and international; from amateur to professional.

Our aim is to honour and celebrate the existing (or latent) music policy of the municipalities and provinces. To help and further stimulate urban and regional policy on contemporary music. And promote a supportive climate for composing.

Curious? Contact Dutch Composers NOW.